14th Iranian International Group Theory Conference - چهاردهمین کنفرانس بین المللی نظریه گروه های ایران


Attendance at the conference is free for those interested. You need the Adobe Connect and Flash Player applications installed in your system to enter the classes. The opening is in class A at 9:00 AM - Feb. 3, 2022 Tehran time zone (GMT+3:30).

Important Dates

Paper submission due

Notification of Acceptance 


Conference Dates
February 3-4th 2022

The accepted papers of igtc14 are listed here. You can download papers. Selected paper would be published in Communications in Combinatorics, Cryptography & Computer Science (CCCS) journal.

Title Authors
The relationship of IA-central subgroup with other subgroups Sara Barin and Mohammad mehdi Nasrabadi
A note on the Isaacs-Knutson conjecture Sajjad Mahmood Robati
Primitive permutation groups with constant movement Zeinab Foruzanfar and Mehdi Rezaei
On the commutativity degree of ${\rm PSL}(2, q)$ Sakineh Rahbariyan
Commuting automorphisms of certain p-groups Nazila Azimi Shahrabi and Mehri Akhavan Malayeri
An upper bound for the group of IA-automorphisms Sara Barin and Mohammad mehdi Nasrabadi
On the group-coset graphs Mojtaba Jazaeri
Locally Finite Skew Linear Groups R. Fallah-Moghaddam
Some properties of the k􀀀extension of p􀀀Fibonacci sequence Elahe Mehraban and Mansour Hashemi
A new version of isoclinism Hamid Taheri
Some basic results of Ivar(G) automorphisms group Sara Barin and Mohammad mehdi Nasrabadi
Lie Groups of Symmetries for Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations Disanayakage Hashan Sanjaya Perera and Dilruk Gallage
On Strongly Connected Partial Hypergraph Reza Bayat Tajvar
Action of automorphisms on complex irreducible characters: groups of type A Farrokh Shirjian and Ali Iranmanesh
Solubility Condition on Subgroups of 〖Gl〗_n (D) R. Fallah-Moghaddam
On the commuting graphs of some finite AC-groups Zeinab Foruzanfar
The vanishing conjugacy class sizes and solvability of a finite group Neda Ahanjideh
2-transitive permutation groups with abelian stabilizers having constant movement Zeinab Foruzanfar and Mehdi Rezaei
Influence of the fundamental group on incomplete lifting and its application Majid Kowkabi and Hamid Torabi
Tit’s Alternatine and Skew Linear Groups R. Fallah-Moghaddam
Results on some energies of the Zero-divisor graph of the commutative ring $\mathbb{Z}_n$ Sharife Chokani, Fateme Movahedi, and Seyyed Mostafa Taheri
On the p-solvability of a finite group and its co-degrees of irreducible characters Roya Bahramian and Neda Ahanjideh
Solvable Graph of finite Group Ameer Abdulaali and Hayder Shelash
Relation between Normalility degree and Normal Graph of Some of Finite Groups Ohood Ayyed and Hayder Baqer
A subnormally ‎condition ‎on ‎certain ‎number of elements ‎of a ‎group Hassan Khosravi
On the regularity of a divisibility graph for F-groups Danial Khoshnevis and Zohreh Mostaghim
The 2-pell number sequence of Fibonacci group F(r,2) Mohaddese Shafiee sarvestani, Azade Rajabinejad,and Mansour Hashemi
Some properties of $\nu$-isologism and product varieties of pair of groups Mostafa Sajedi and Hamid Darabi
Characterizing nilpotent $n$-Lie algebras by their multiplier, t(A)=11,12 Hamid Darabi and Mostafa Sajedi
رده بندی گروههای از مرتبه ۷۰ و۱۴۰ وتعیین مرکز ومرتبه خودریختی این گروهها جوانشیر رضایی و محمد رضا سالاریان
پایه گربنر و ارایه الگوریتم جدید بهروز صادقی
استنباط هندسی جهت مطالع هی گروههای خودریختی احمدعلی قربانپور
گروه های مانده متناهی متناوب با زیرگروه های از مرتبه متناهی احمدعلی قربانپور
ساخت ابرمدول های تصویری فازی و کوانتومی به کمک ابرگروه های تقارنی روی ابرکره ی فازی و کوانتومی محمد محمودی و مهدی لطفی زاده
ساخت ابرΛ‑شبه مدول های تصویری فازی و کوانتومی به کمک ابرگروه های تقارنی روی ابرهذلولی گون فازی و کوانتومی محمد محمودی و مهدی لطفی زاده
ایده‌آل‌های اول و نیم اول در جبر کامیان- پسک مریم کشول رجب زاده